A range that provides garden birds with high quality food, to keep them looking healthy and full of life.

Each ingredient has been specifically chosen to give energy and essential nutrients, ensuring a wide variety of birds will return to the garden time and time again.

Products in the range:

Standard Wild Bird 20kg

A good value bird mix to put in feeders or trays ad-lib.

Contains: wheat, naked oats, sunflowers, kibbled maize, red dari, white millet, sunflower oil.

RSP £10.25

Premium Wild Bird 20kg

A general all-round no-wheat bird mix, high in naked oats and black sunflower seeds for all wild birds.

Contains: naked oats, black sunflowers, kibbled maize, red dari, white millet, sunflower oil.

RSP £12.10

Super Premium Wild Bird 20kg

A high quality blend with no wheat, high in millet, naked oats and sunflower hearts.

Contains: naked oats, de-hulled sunflowers, kibbled maize, red dari, white millet, sunflower oil.

RSP £15.50



 Naked Oats


 Sunflower Hearts     


 Kibbled Maize


 Red Dari


 White Millet





Robin Mix 20kg

A mix including dried mealworms specifically blended for Robins but suitable for all types of wild birds.

Contains: dried mealworm, kibbled maize, naked oats, red dari, sunflower hearts, millet.

RSP £18.80

Black Sunflower Seed 13kg

Feeding black sunflower seed will attract many types of species of birds to your garden. Black sunflower seeds are meatier and have a high oil content, giving birds more nutrition and calories in every bite. Black oil seeds also have thinner shells, making them easier for small birds to crack.

100% black sunflower seed

RSP £11.50

Nyjer Seed 25kg

An oil rich seed, excellent to feed small finches and other clinging birds

100% nyjer seed

RSP £49.99

Sunflower Hearts 12.5kg

Husk free sunflowers, allowing the birds to feed more quickly with less mess.

100% bakery grade sunflower hearts.

RSP £29.99

Peanuts 25kg

High in oil and proteins for all types of birds.

Standard grade.

RSP £44.99